My first digital camera. Boston (1998)

My first digital camera. Boston (1998)

My first SLR camera. Canada (2007)

My first SLR camera. Canada (2007)

One of my DSLR cameras. Turkey (2015)

One of my DSLR cameras. Turkey (2015)

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I must have been in middle school when I asked my parents to buy me my very first camera. Photography has always  been a passion of mine so you'll hardly find me without my camera.

Growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, I enjoyed photographing scenic beaches, nature, my family, and friends.

Four years attending Syracuse University offered me a world of possibilities, and while I probably enjoyed my Black & White Film Photography class the most, I ultimately graduated with a B.S. in Biology and double minors in Neuroscience and Psychology.

I graduated during the economic crisis of 2009, and had realized that I wouldn't be happy working in a lab, so I was fortunate enough to land a job in customer service in the travel industry. This job also afforded me tremendous travel opportunities, exploring - and photographing - more of the world than I ever imagined I would see. During my 8 year tenure there I had a variety of roles, from analytics to creative marketing and I had time to consider what I enjoyed doing the most.

When I was finally ready for a career change, I knew the small photography side business I had been doing in my spare time was ready to become something more well known. With the support of another passion - food, I'm able to balance a lifestyle of part-time photographer and part-time food tour guide here in Boston.





I firmly believe that a marriage is the joining of two individuals into one union, and to capture both perspectives, you need two photographers. For that reason, I began a partnership with Keith and KSLR Photography was born. Clicking the button will take you to our shared website, KSLRphoto.com.



A selfie only goes so far. Whether you're looking for some family portraits, a new online dating profile picture, or even corporate headshots, leave it to a professional. Let me know what you need and I would be happy to capture you looking your best.



You can purchase my photography in your choice of: mounted prints, canvas prints, or metallic prints. Thank you for supporting local artists like me!

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