My First Wedding

I photographed my first wedding in 2014. I was nervous, of course, but I worked with my friend Keith, and together we succeeded in capturing the joyous occasion. After that success, we decided to form a wedding photography business together. By combining our initials and playing off of dSLR Photography we started our own brand, KSLR Photography.

Leah Ramuglia Photography white bridal gown with pink satin heels Nahant Country Club wedding

My first Solo wedding

In 2015 I photographed a wedding by myself for the first time. Again, I was a little nervous because I had gotten used to photographing large weddings and this was a small, intimate, city hall wedding with just the bride and groom. I loved capturing their experience without any distractions from the world around them.

Bride and groom kiss on the Waterfront after their Boston City Hall elopement Leah Ramuglia Photography

The Last KSLR Wedding

Over the years Keith and I photographed many engagements and weddings together, but by 2018, we were ready to stand on our own. After our last wedding that year, KSLR Photography became Leah Ramuglia Photography.

Groom lifts his bride during the last wedding dance at Lake Pearl Wrentham, MA

Weddings with Leah Ramuglia Photography

With a new logo and new website, I combined my wedding photography business with my travel and portrait photography business.

Trinidadian-American Bride blue jewelry & wedding dress at Searles Castle Windham NH Leah Ramuglia photography

My First Destination Wedding

In 2019 I flew with my camera gear to the gorgeous island of Aruba to photograph a destination wedding. The bride's family flew in from Brazil, and the groom's family flew in from the U.S. About 40 of their friends and family gathered on the white sandy beach as they vowed to love and care for each other. And the following celebration was unlike any other.

Leah Ramuglia Photography destination wedding in Aruba bride and groom kiss